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13 Dec 2009


Gusdek,PP,Pak Noto and MU

Wow2,yesterday was fantastic… We joined Olimpiad at UNAIR with 3 groups,and Alhamdulillah my group was able to reach Semifinal…Haha,just that far. God,the questions were all about accontant I know,’s really difficult :D..haha,.The competition was began at 9.00 and about half past 3,it’s over. Let me tell about our experience. Firstly we regroup in SMASA at 7,and due to that we all should gather here,but some of our members were late,..Haha. After we were all gather we went to UNAIR B at 8.00 and we register for the competition. We saw many kind of rivals,even from Bali, believe that, ALL OF their TEAMS reached semifinals,..i guess they were tough rival.Haha…We did the section 1, it was going till about 11.30 and we took a break. And after a while the commitee announce us that SMASA’s team which going through was team 17,that’s my team,hoho.. :D :D Me,Gusdek and MU was..biasa ae..Hahaha..we were very happy and even more confident. Then in the rest time, Mr. Sunoto taught us about..mmmm, ah,i forgot it,haha…of couse it was difficult to learn in a short time, but doesn’t matter.. Belajar

After we,my group enter the section 2, Which very difficult because there were a few materials which we BLANK, couldn’t do anything with it,..ouw,poor us,but we weren’t lose heart,we fought till the end,haha..AND,the result was we lose..we couldn’t reach the final, and that the end. Haha.. At least,we got the sertificate..Alhamdulillah :D :D

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