Perihal Diri

29 Dec 2009

PPWow this is my newest photo..Mmm, i am quite handsome, am i? haha… Yah, however.. aq mesti sll bersyukur dgn ap yang aq punya..Hehe.. :D..Alright, my full name is Rizky Pratama Putra.. Easy to remember,isnt it :) :)… Im a senior high school student, 3 grade in SMASA..My lovely school.. LIAR!!! Hahaha.. Im a social student who like English so much and also accounting..:D.. Btw,my hobbies are eating,playing(PS/Computer),doing sport,sleeping including, hehe… Mmm, i like to browsing too,blogging :D.. I suppose to be a patient guy,but.. im a tempramental too,hehe… It’s 3 months from now,UNAS will be held..Wuuu,hehe.. It’s ok,it’s ok :) :) all we need just PD..not over,though :D.. Ah..Im an easygoing,like to help the others,loyal,dont like talk to much,actually in some case i do talk much..Hehe..Mmmm, about a year ago i got an accident..My house was burnt…and i burned my left hand,.. And it like tatto so much, mmm, but doesnt matter, i’ll take it since i still alive till now :) :).. mmm,honestly, i wanna write a lot..but,i think some words again’s enough..:).. Now, my live is wonderfull because of her..My mind is full of her,She’s my source.. And yeah She’s the most precious thing i’ve ever had.. :) :)..She is… Secrettt!!! Hehehe.. Ok,i’ll write more some other time :).. Piece out..




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