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7 Feb 2010

logo Yep G for Games.. dya know that,don’t you ^^ .It’s Gameloft, the famous mobile game designer.Btw,.. I’ll share my games in 240×320 resolution, and I think these are cool, don’t worry it’s for all type of cellphone ^.< … Spend ur time to play it, but unfortunately this time i’ll just share a few games and it’s not in HD look. I got Prince of Persia and Asphalt 4 in HD..but.. Yeah,it’s complicated..haha ^^ no more talk, download it and enjoy the game :D :D…

Abracadaball : Here

Brain Challenge 3 : Here

Everyday English Trainer : Here

Hero of Sparta : Here

Midnight Pool 2 : Here

UNO : Here

Rise of lost Empire : Here

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