Hai, hai..

15 Sep 2010

blablalong, long, so loooong.. huah..mmm, what should i write actually,haha..:D Actually, i got myself some cool games for PC and cellphone,but.. yeah leave it for that now :D By the way,hav u guys seen knight and day,tekken?? and how bout sorcerer apprentice? wow,check that out, those film are so damn cool,dont u agree..:D haha.. but just wait for one month or two, harry potter will be released, ok :) :) Oh, yeah forget, forget…how can I forget about this :(

Guys, my friend, my teacher, my.. someone else who knows me :) :) Minal Aidzin wal faidzin.. Im soory for all the mistakes i’ve done..whether it big or not.. Back to zero, Shall we? ^.^ Maybe that’s for today, actually next time i’ll come with my new comics,gems, and picts,hope so,cao :) :)

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